Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Musicologists' Want YOU!

We're looking for some new blood- new writers that is.

Did you ever read an album review and say, "Man, I can do this, piece of cake."?

Ever heard a band and think, "How come these guys aren't huge, like Arcade Fire huge?"

Do you spend hours on YouTube watching music videos wondering if the world knows how awesome __________ (insert your favorite band here) is?

Well, now's your chance. We're looking for 5-7 new writers, so we can become a daily blog with a staff of ten to twelve people posting randomly everyday (even multiple times a day!). Independent music, unsigned bands, anything operating under the radar or to the left of the mainstream is (obviously) what we're looking for.

Then you can brag that "I totally broke that band" when they get huge.

Send inquiries and a short (300 word) writing sample to:


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