Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jose Gonzalez...

Jose Gonzalez with Tiny Vipers
October 8, 2007

Great American Music Hall

San Francisco, CA

(Note: What follows is an exact transcription of the author's seemingly vague notes from that evening. I put my editorial notes in italic. So, results may vary. You have been warned...)

The venue: Think mini-Troc, insane filagree, ornate
patina, rococco (1907 post-quake)
- was a burlesque house, featured fan-
dancers (called the Music Box after war)
- fell on hard times during 60s-70s
- beautifully mirrored walls, balconies, the
ceiling! 2 renaissance-style paintings
on either end.

Here's one of the columns

Opener: Tiny Vipers
- acoustic, picking n strummin folk,
guy/girl duo - she sounds like J. Newsom
(vocally) he - besides bass not much
else. I'd like to hear their album, I couldn't
hear them as their set progressed (as the
place filled up...)

Tiny Vipers (signed to SubPop? wow...) and all these blurry pics are not my fault. The GAMH has a no-flash policy. Actually, when I asked the gentleman by the side of the stage what the photo policy was, he said it was up to the bands. This guy is also how I got all the history facts on this place.

Jose Gonzalez - How Low (opener*)

- Encore - Deadweight On Velveteen
Love Will Tear Us Apart

overall, he killed it.
So powerfully emotive
w/o being sappy or corny.
Shush over crowd, he
owned us.

Playing at the speed of light, Mr. Gonzalez...

- He walked
by me before
the show. He's

Shhhhhhhh! Genius at work

Suddenly! the hottest fashion for the over-40 set
poncho thingys
I swear, every woman there over 40 was wearing one of those throw ponchos, those things that look like a shag rug with a hole in the middle.

* - then I met the most beautiful young woman
named Rosa. She drinks Jameson on the rocks! I
bought her one and we hung out all show. Then we
went to a Thai Restaurant. She's really pretty and
smells like fresh flowers. Floras el fresco? mmmmmm

I'll probably never see her again, she lives in San Jose (I love to crush on cuties that are geographically undesirable...) but as you can see, there is no setlist except opener and encore, because I was flirting and making googly eyes over at this shorty. Whom I'll probably never see again...

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you never know. fate and the love of music bring are instrumental ways of bringing people together.