Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Shins...

The Shins
Greek Theatre
Berkeley, CA


I'm not going to say too much about this here show I went to last week, it was pretty solid I guess. The Shins don't really do anything all that special, they write really awesome pop songs and go on tour and play them a
nd then do that again. Outside of the lights and the amazing encore, I felt that The Shins were kind of going through the motions here in Berkeley, and lead singer James Mercer actually forgot the opening lines to Australia and they had to restart it. Anyway...


Kissing The Lipless

Turn On Me
Sea Legs
Mine's Not A High Horse
When I Goose Step
Girl Inform Me
Turn A Square

New Slang
Saint Simon
Girl Sailor
Gone For Good
Sleeping Lessons
A Comet Appears
Pam Berry

Phantom Limb
Know Your Onion!

Caring Is Creepy

The Past And Pending
So Says I

...and that's all folks.

Oh, pictures:

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