Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The National...

...is probably my favorite band/album of 2007. I don't know if I'm necessarily hinting that Boxer is my Album Of The Year, but I wouldn't bet it against it. Not yet at least...

Anyway, I'm way behind in reviews, so I'm going to try to get these out very soon:
Interpol, Menomena, Wilco, Devendra Banhart, Minus The Bear, Jose Gonzalez, Jens Lekman, MIA, Spoon, Stars, Kanye West, Iron & W
ine, Hezekiah Jones, St. Vincent and Beirut.

That's like 15 reviews. They will be short and glib and whatever I probably won't even do them...

So there's all this then:

The National
The Grand Ballroom
San Francisco


Start A War

Mistaken For Strangers
Secret Meeting

Baby, We'll Be Fine
Slow Show
Lit Up
Squalor Victoria
All The Wine
Racing Like A Pro

Apartment Story
Daughters of The SoHo Riots

Fake Empire
About Today

E: Green Gloves
Mr. November

And they ruled the whole show through.

On to the pics section, still shitty but getting better than the cell phone...

Here's our opener, St. Vincent, which is actua
lly just one woman, Annie Clark, and she's pretty righteous.

These are blurry and shitty, but mildly p
sychedelic as well

These are slightly better. Check out this dude's bald spot. Couvre time!

We like violins.

Shot from the top during the Encore.

...and there you have a fine show.

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