Monday, February 25, 2008

In The News...

Things happen in the world of music seven days a week. A lot of it happens on the weekends, so we're powerless to stop it. In an effort to post something everyday, we're going to start randomly posting newsworthy items on here, things you should know. Or things we should know. At least someone should know them...

At any rate, here's some stories catching my eye.

Oh, shit. The Hold Steady's new album is officially recorded and mixed, awaiting mastering. It's going to be called Stay Positive. As for a release date or a tour of the states, you just hold steady, we'll let you know.

The Hold Steady - The Cattle And The Creeping Things (from Live At Fingerprints)
The Hold Steady - Cattle And The Creeping Things
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Los Campesinos! are set to drop their first full-length this Tuesday, and eventual world domination is sure to follow. The funnest "new" band since, uh, well, fun's not really allowed in Indie Rock, as having an exclamation point in your band's title isn't really allowed either. But it is allowed in the international world of twee-core. Here's the video to Death To Los Campesinos!

How come you ain't gonna visit San Francisco? A whole slew of bands announced tours this past week, and alas; they're not coming this far west. Some of these bands were just here, so I'll let it slide, but some bands canceled their fall tours and still haven't re-scheduled (ahem, I'm looking at you Decemberists...) They'll be here, let's just hope it's by the time the summer concert season gets into full swing. Iron & Wine and Spoon are two acts I'd like to see, but they're not even crossing the Rockies. And Radiohead, hasn't announced anything this side of the Mississippi as of yet. You lucky east coast bastards!

And the Oscar goes to... Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova? Everyone's favorite little indie flick that could, Once, won one last night with their song Falling Slowly. Actually, Hansard wrote and recorded that with his original band, The Frames, but being the centerpiece to an exceptional movie released last year it had to be nominated. And that created some controversy, as there always is in showbiz, but if this song wasn't nominated, that'd be an even bigger tragedy. Three cheers for the underdog!

Falling Slowly (from the David Letterman Show, 9/11/07)

There's the news in the music world. As if anything else matters...

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