Thursday, December 14, 2006

Musicology 101...

I've realized that no one is going to take my writing serious until I got serious about it myself.

What I mean is that the "other" social networking site that the whole world is on is basically a joke. One, big, overblown joke. For me to continually keep making posts and be expected to take myself serious among all the drunk and horny frat boys looking to score and emo teens trying so desparately to be "understood", it's time I moved on to a grown-up person's blog.

So, here I am, I hope we can be friends.

I'm going to write about music and music only, because everything else pretty much sucks out loud and in color. I'm not having the greatest day today and I hope it doesn't rear its ugly head in the form of cynicism or overtly caustic sarcasm. I'll try to be a nice guy, for the most part. I'll try to update this regularly, also.

Hopefully a new album every week, plus an old album. And, for you, because this is the internet and it is still an interactive entity, feel free to request an album to review.

So, maybe three posts a week, starting after the new year? I think it's reasonable to expect that from me...

Thank you,
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